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Spiritual wellbeing can be difficult to come by in materialistic times, but a balance is necessary for a fulfilling life.  These therapies offer the chance to listen to, and understand, your own spiritual needs.  These energy treatments use many sources - essences, crystals, colour, sound - to harmonise the spirit
Chakra Balancing - £35

As more and more people search for their own spiritual path in these stressed times, it can be difficult to know what direction to take, or indeed to know where to start at all.  Often the need to find a path starts with a feeling of dissatisfaction in daily life, a sort of ‘is that all there is’ feeling.  All your material and physical needs may be met, but something is definitely missing. The Chakras are seven major energy systems serving the body’s energy field, our connection with the Universe.  Through working with the Chakras, each one of us can find our own path to serenity and contentment and reconnect to our spiritual source.
Health Kinesiology - £35

HK’s truly holistic approach to addressing physical, psychological and spiritual causes of stress and illness makes it a trusted and energising healing system.  Using muscle testing to access the body’s own wisdom, stresses can be released and the body’s energy field retuned to its normal balanced state.
Reiki - £30

This is a Japanese hands-on healing therapy which uses universal energy to initiate a healing response in the client.  The word ‘Reiki’ means ‘universal life force’ and is used to clear any areas of trouble across the whole spectrum.  It is a completely safe treatment, fully clothed, which gently releases blockages in the body’s energy field.  Total relaxation at all levels.

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