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Homeopathy - £50
1st Appointment 90 mins
Second & Subsequent - £35

An effective and scientific system of medicine which works with the body, using natural remedies on the premise of ‘like treats like’ to re-establish the body’s own self healing mechanisms.  It is free of side effects and non-addictive. The first appointment last about 90 minutes and looks at every aspect of your life—a truly holistic treatment.  Follow up appointments are shorter and priced accordingly.
Reflexology - £30

This ancient Chinese system of healthcare works on the principle that there are thousands of nerve endings in the feet and through these, every area of the body can be reached, soothed, rebalanced and renewed.  Excellent for digestive, sinus and muscular problems as well as anxiety, sleeplessness and hormonal disorders.
Therapeutic Massage - From £30

Deep tissue muscle release for your stiff back, neck and shoulders as well as aching legs and feet.  Clear sinus congestion with a totally relaxing face and scalp massage or soothe carpal tunnel problems with a session targeted at hands and arms.  There is nothing quite so blissful as a leisurely massage to take you out of the stresses of every day life.
Food Tolerance Testing - £35

Using the muscle testing techniques of Kinesiology it is possible to test for substances which upset the body’s balance—for example, wheat or dairy intolerances.  Symptoms can be as diverse as bloating, diarrhoea, constant fatigue and the inability to lose or gain weight. The use of  muscle testing means that there is no danger of any adverse reaction and it can also be used to test medicines, supplements, household cleaning materials—in fact, absolutely anything you may think you have a problem with.

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