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I saw my first client in 1992—I don’t know who was more nervous—her or me!  I’m amazed at how fast the last 14 years have gone by since starting out in Complementary Medicine in the days when even Reflexology was outlandish.

I have loved every minute of the journey into understanding how our minds, bodies and
spirits are affected by so many different things—mental, emotional & physical stresses, the foods we eat, the thoughts we think, the work we do, how much we rest, how much we love and are loved, our dreams for the future, failures of the past—all these things affect us at every level.

Complementary Medicine looks at your whole being, not just the illness, addressing the cause as well as working with the symptoms. The modern world can be a very stressful place, but these ancient treatments have kept the human race happy and healthy for thousands of years.  Try for yourself and feel the benefits.

All the treatments shown here work across the whole spectrum of mind, body and spirit.  Some are more suited to one aspect than another, which is why they are listed under physical and spiritual—but whenever the spirit is worked on, the body follows and any work on the body resonates into the spirit.

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