A new force in Digital Entertainment and lifestyle services. DigiMark Media delivers where others don't or can’t. This is Digital entertainment based and built on an Internet Protocol (IP) and Ethernet Infrastructure. Delivering a fully converged platform enabling free and charge-able provision of Digital Services—Broadband Internet, IPTV, telephony, games, music and more...to your apartment owners 24x7.
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Who are DigiMark?

DigiMark is a leading edge service provider. Established in 2004 we provide progressive data solutions tailor
made for each development. Built around a fibre based Ethernet infrastructure we deliver an expanding range       of innovative and exciting services from communications and Television to data and home security.

‘Zero Touch’

Each apartment is connected through an innovative media gateway device allowing the owner to connect to
the services from any outlet in the home. No onsite configuration is needed and the owner can use the services      as soon as they have occupied the unit...no engineer needs to call!

Best of Breed services….

DigiMark works with the most innovative companies in this field. The services are all delivered over Ethernet
ensuring that we provide scaleable, cost effective controlled services that are future proofed. In addition it’s as flexible as you want it to be…..from Blockbuster films and security cameras to voicemail and email, We deliver!

Remote access and Virtual Office

A unique offering to home owners from DigiMark. Residents can access their files, their music even their
downloaded TV content from any network access point, public WiFi hotspot even the office! Want to change
your settings or view your bill while at the Airport….easy; as long as you have a VPN client on your machine!

Future Proof and Resilient

Technology changes fast! Because of this we install and use the best underlying infrastructure available.
Cabling is Fibre, and apartment connectivity is via cat5e/cat6 copper cable—able to support bandwidths of up       to 10Gbps. We build in resilience from the ground up allowing a zero downtime environment for maintenance. All of our installations are installed with surplus capacity and power, our Media gateways have battery backup       in case of an outage, ensuring owners can use their IP or POTS telephones in any situation!


What is IPTV? (download pdf)
Keypoints for IPTV in universities (download pdf)

The Benefits:

•     Tv delivered direct to a PC and/or TV
•     Runs in a minimised window
•     Access to ‘Digital TV’ features
•     Electronic programme guide
•     Single network infrastructure
•     Access to stored video & audio content

DigiMark - media with a twist, what is VOD?
DigiMark - media with a twist, what is IPTV?

    “Broadcast TV over an ethernet network”
        “A virtual video player for every user!”

What is VOD? (download pdf)
Why use Video On Demand?

The Benefits:

•     Full video functionality for each user
•     Maximum access to content
•     Interactive information delivery
•     Improved security of resources
•     Low cost content distribution
•     Full online management interface


What Services can we provide?

TV and Radio

•   Terrestrial and Digital TV and
     Radio: 70+ Channels
•    HD available shortly
•    7 Day Now and Next listings
•    Music on demand

Lifestyle Services

•    Community Portal
•    Concierge Service
•    Local information and guides
•    Local services / government
•    Restaurants

Door Entry

•    Video monitoring
•    Integrated to ‘phone system'
•    Viewable through your TV/PC
•    Optional local door entry camera

Product Overview (download pdf)


•    Lightning fast 20M connection
•    Multicast Enabled
•    Secure Firewall
•    Parental Controls
•    Internet access via TV, PC or PDA
•    Anti-Virus Protection


•    Available anywhere (via your      VPN) over the internet
•   Online automated secure
     backup of your PC data
•   Can be viewed via TV or PC
•   Ideal for storing Music, TV
    recordings and Photographs


•    Classic Games
•    Online Games, poker….
•    High Scores


•    Voicemail & Call Waiting
•    Voicemail to Email
•    Fax to Email
•    Outlook contacts integration
•    CLI on TV
•    Call forwarding / barring

ISP Services

•    Virtual Office
•    Email Accounts
•    Personal Web page hosting
•    Secure FTP services

Need to know more?

Whether they watch, listen or      play; Digimark delivers the   services your customers need         to enable the true Digital Lifestyle without having to worry about the technology.

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