A Benevolent Virus by Frances O'Brien

How do you live when you know what it’s like to die?

What happens during that moment when we experience our own death? What inescapable challenges lie ahead for those of us who have had a near-death experience? How do we return to the realm of the living when our understanding of reality has forever been transformed by our brush with death?

A Benevolent Virus follows the spiritual odyssey of two near-death experience survivors as they each undertake to redefine the meaning of their lives in the wake of their ordeals. Ann Richards, a successful television reporter, struggles to come to grips with the truth of her experience even as it threatens to destroy her career and her marriage. Daniel Breton, a former Marine almost mortally wounded while fighting in Fallujah, strives to comprehend the meaning of his near-death experience by recording the stories of others who have journeyed beyond the threshold of their mortality yet returned to the living.

As Ann and Daniel bravely pursue their spiritual quest, each must re-examine the nature of the soul, the meaning of life and ultimately the course of human destiny. Is a near-death experience a blessing or a curse? An incurable torment or a path towards enlightenment?


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