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Per basic web page (providing nothing too advanced is required) so Xs by the number of pages = a rough quote
"I graduated with a BA (Hons) in graphic design but have since learned to
adopt my skills towards web design. My main objective is to find a balance
between form and function, design & usability. I prefer web to print because
I feel more in control of the design process, how everything has to come
together and how the viewer can interact with elements of your website.
But I am willing to turn my hand to anything if the opportunity arises...
 Minimum for an e-shop (depending on how many  products are required etc)
What are the basic graphic / web design rules?
Our objective is to provide creative yet functional websites at affordable £s.
We partcularly enjoy projects geared towards the arts, music & spirituality.
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headers, ad banners & animated gifs
from our portfolio.
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Marketing your business / yourself
Custom logo design for print & web (Info & example)
I think graphic / web designers need a combination of skills to be effective
such as: creativity, abstract thinking, technical skill, intelligence, enthusiasm
and confidence. I remember my tutor telling the story of two students: one was
a useless graphic designer but was blessed with the gift of the gab and blagged
his way into a top position in a professional design company whereas the other
had amazing talent but no confidence and ended up working in pizza hut."

                                 Jennifer Clowes - Director of Optical Paradox: design solutions
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Do you offer a complimentary therapy that needs promoting online?
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Why is it important to have a website?
  Do you need an ad banner designing to market your business
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"Jen has a great talent - she's an inspiration in many ways and I'd highly recommend her -
if you're looking for graphics work or website design, or even just a highly individual and
honest viewpoint on almost anything, then she's your man." - Paul Manson (IT expert)
A-Z of creativity for graphic / web designers
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